Amanda Monteiro

Front-End Web Developer

Amanda Monteiro smiling in light blue shirt with dark blue background
Amanda Monteiro smiling in light blue shirt with dark blue background

We'd Make a Good Team

I'm Amanda, a Web Developer with a background in psychology and science.

I love creating things that are meaningful in their design and accessible to users that often get overlooked and optimized for search engines. For me, coding is a powerful tool that can help foster connections and deliver important resources.

I pride myself on being involved with different communities. I created a Discord study group server for my coding class and I've been a event organizer since 2015.

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Evolving Skillset

  • Accessibility

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • SCSS

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Rest API

  • React

  • Firebase

  • Responsive Design

  • Git

  • GitHub

Featured Projects

I Dream of Cleannie

My first React app! Built within a week. Add cleaning tasks according to room and mark when complete. You can also get a random task suggestion.

HTML | SCSS | JavaScript | React | Firebase

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Preview of 'I Dream of Cleannie' website
Preview of 'Worldly Recipes' website

Worldly recipes

Type a food item to see a list of recipes with that item in the title. Filter recipes by their country of origin.

HTML | SCSS | jQuery | Rest API | Pair Programming

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A Moment of Calm

Change the background theme, select your preferred audio, and set a timer to meditate. Or have them randomly chosen for you. There's also a visualizer animation to help you focus your breathing.

HTML | SCSS | JavaScript | jQuery

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Preview of 'A Moment of Calm' website
Preview of 'The Restaurant Mall' website

The Restaurant Mall

Multi-page responsive website made using client brief and design files.

HTML | SCSS | PSD Conversion

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I would love to hear from you whether you're a recruiter or just have feedback about anything I've created.

You can also reach me directly at